Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am generally a nice, friendly, considerate, understanding person. I am not patient. I get annoyed fast, BUT it takes a lot to make me mad. I don't bottle things up. I just let them go. After a while though, if something keeps occurring, something that I would normally "let go," I become extremely aggravated. So here you go :)

What is the fucking point of somebody saying they are going to do something KNOWING that they won't. Don't say "maybe" don't say "probably" don't say "yes." Just say fucking no.
I am so sick of people doing this. Don't worry about people being disappointed because you can't do something. I would rather have somebody be disappointed with me than angry. Wouldn't you? It has gotten to the point to where I don't ask certain friends/family for a favor, or to do something with me. I really hate that I can't count on people. Especially when they are the people that you are supposed to go to. This is exactly why I NEVER want to depend on anybody. I would rather get things done myself in a longer period of time. Prideful? Probably. I don't care. 

If you are reading this and you feel like this may be you. Then it probably is. Don't ask me. I would rather you assume and feel guilty then to apologize to me, because I probably won't believe you anyway :)

Boy who cried wolf? Oh yeah. 

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